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Avant-garde craftsmanship and design

About us

RoblonArt, Steel art

About us

At RoblonArte, we revive the ancient technique of hot robloning, a process that has been fundamental in the construction of some of the most iconic monuments in the world, such as the Eiffel Tower. We are dedicated to the creation of structural and architectural elements using the hot roving technique. We offer specialized services in both structural steel beams and columns, as well as custom furniture and decoration projects.

Unique products that stand out for their exclusivity and elegance.

Hot bolting involves heating steel bolts until they are red hot and then inserting them into pre-drilled holes in the steel plates. While hot, the rivets are quickly riveted on the other end using pneumatic tools, allowing the metal to expand and completely fill the hole, creating an extremely strong and permanent joint.

At RoblonArte, we combine traditional techniques with innovation and custom design, ensuring that each project is not only durable and aesthetic, but also a work of steel art.

Advantages of hot roving

Hot rods expand when inserted and contract when cool, fitting tightly and creating stronger joints than the pieces they join.
Joints made with hot rods are almost impossible to dismantle without cutting, making them ideal for structures where durability is crucial.
Strength and Durability
Industrial aesthetics expressionist 19th century

Studs, as solid steel rivets, provide a permanent, tamper-proof bond, often critical in security applications such as bridges, ships and aircraft. Although nuts or new technologies such as welding and adhesives have taken over some of their applications, solid rivets are still appreciated in areas that require robust, durable and aesthetic joints.


Years of experience

Talleres Gelde has proven experience in metal carpentry.

Satisfied clients

Thousands of clients support our artisan, solvent and careful work.

Custom projects

Thousands of special projects and custom forged designs for our clients.

own references

We have references and structural designs ready to serve.
Gelde Workshops

Two generations forging metal solutions

Master blacksmith

Juan Carlos Gelde

With 35 years of experience, Juan Carlos Gelde is a master of metal forging, specialized in traditional and modern techniques. His unique skill transforms steel into functional works of art, excelling in innovative construction and restoration projects.
blacksmith apprentice

Jaime Gelde Ibáñez

With forging in his legacy, Juan Carlos's son brings freshness and new perspectives to the family workshop. At 25 years old, he is already known for integrating innovative methods with traditional metal art, designing unique pieces.
Each piece is hand forged with the same hot roving technique, providing a distinctive finish that stands out in any environment. Our furniture combines functionality with unmatched aesthetics, capable of transforming any space with a touch of artisanal elegance.

We tackle small and large projects with the same level of dedication. From elegant metal lamps to sturdy tables and chairs, each object that leaves our forge is a unique work of art. These pieces are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs and tastes of our customers, ensuring that each item is as functional as it is aesthetically stunning.
Robbed beams and columns become focal points in any space, providing character and style that modern materials simply cannot match. We offer custom designs that fit our clients' vision, ensuring each piece is unique.

Our artisanal approach minimizes material waste and we use techniques that have endured through generations, reducing the associated carbon footprint by introducing more modern and energy efficient production methods. By working with us, you are not only investing in the structural integrity, robustness and beauty of your project, but also in a better future.

Structural capacity and resistance

Ideal for both new construction and structural replacement in renovations or to shine those projects in which you want to maintain genuine and original elements.

Fast delivery for standard parts

Manufacturing with high-power presses and laser equipment allows us to offer high production capacity, exceptional quality while maintaining competitive prices.

Special projects

As special as your project is our dedication to it. We design and custom-forge the structure, furniture or accessory to which you want to give the character and resistance of the roblonado.